Grimanesa Amorós
Uros, 2011-2012
LEDs, diffusion material, vinyl, custom lighting sequence, electrical hardware
60 x 84 x 12 inches
Courtesy of Grimanesa Amorós Studio

Michael Phelan
Tomorrow’s a new day… (No.5), 2009-2011
90 in x 72 inches
Courtesy of the artist

Kiki Smith
Untitled, 1992
bronze with patina
19 ½ x 51 x 25 inches
edition of 2 + 1 AP
© Kiki Smith, courtesy The Pace Gallery
Photo by: Sarah Harper Gifford / Courtesy The Pace Gallery

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Untitled (A Corner of Baci), 1990
Baci chocolates, endless supply
Overall dimensions vary with installation
Ideal weight: 42 pounds
© Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation
Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

Lynda Benglis
Untitled, 1970
Pigmented polyurethane foam
3 ½ x 36 x 54 inches
Courtesy Cheim & Read, New York

Watch Your Step

June 7 - August 24, 2012
Exhibition Press

The FLAG Art Foundation is pleased to present “Watch Your Step,” A group exhibition of floor works including Polly Apfelbaum, Lynda Benglis, Patricia Cronin, Tara Donovan, Steven & William Ladd, Richard Long, Michael Phelan, Kiki Smith, Julianne Swartz, Richard Serra, and Corban Walker among others.

“Watch Your Step” examines the relationship of the work to the floor and how the viewer experiences the work, shifting one’s perspective from eye-level to start from the ground. Various works emanate directly from the floor, while others use the space between ground and wall to increase one’s perception of the horizontal plane and the architecture.

Grimanesa Amoros Wolfgang Laib
Polly Apfelbaum Richard Long
Lynda Benglis Joe Mangrum
Patricia Cronin Michael Phelan
Tara Donovan Richard Serra
Tom Friedman Kiki Smith
Felix Gonzalez-Torres Julianne Swartz
Mona Hatoum Matthew Stone
Steven & William Ladd Venske & Spänle
Corban Walker