Dance of the Gallerinas

by ArtStar

Dance of the Gallerinas from ArtStar on Vimeo.

ArtStar is proud to present “Dance of the Gallerinas”.

The Dance of the Gallerinas is a performance art piece that combines classical ballet, pop culture, and contemporary music – all inspired by the beautiful women who help run the art world: the gallerinas.

Created by a curating collective composed of renowned choreographer Avi Scher, curator and former ballerina Dianna Mesion, DJ and Director of Paper TV Pierce Jackson, and founder of ArtStar and LittleCollector Chrissy Crawford, this non-commercial performance is intended to make dance, art and music accessible to new audiences.

The performance took place during The FLAG Art Foundation’s opening reception for their two new exhibitions,One, Another curated by Stephanie Roach and Roni Horn: Double Mobius.

All dancers are dressed and styled by Milly.

The performance is sponsored by
Featured Dancers:
Patricia Zhou
Joy Womack
Emily Kadow
Amanda de Oliveira
Deanna Pearson

Cinematography by
Joe Violette
Shaun Seneviratne

Edited by
Shaun Seneviratne