ART RUBY: Must See: Josephine Meckseper at the FLAG

by Art Rubynstein

Josephine Meckseper is one of the boldest and most assured artists worldwide today, and her brand new self-titled show at the FLAG Foundation (that runs through May 26) just proved why. Straying from her signature video work (apart from one work that concluded this show), Meckseper instead focused on beautifully edited and hardened mixed media to easily salivate her collectors and fans in an instant. She used sleek glass, steel, industrial photos, and painstakingly assembled vitrines to get her point across on modernism and foundations of essentialism. But beyond the big ideas, the pieces were just plain visually brilliant. Our favorites were the monumental car rim heavy Negative Horizon and black crow and jewel enriched African Spir, which of course paid tribute to the revolutionary 19th century Russian philosopher.